Payment Options

Every organization is different

Select the best option for your organization

Every organization is different. That's why we give you three distinctly different options for paying your Medical Mutual premiums. It's just another little thing we do in the spirit of partnership.

Depending on your organizational goals, bookkeeping practices and cash flow, the best choice for your organization is likely pretty clear. So review the options below, select the plan of your choice. And should you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us at (800) 942-2791.

Premium Payment Options

Option 1 — One and Done

Write a single check for your annual premium and you'll be able to forget about it for the rest of the year. You can also pay electronically by completing the following ACH form, then submit it to through our secure Message Center or via regular mail to have the payment deducted from your account.

ACH One-time Payment Authorization Agreement

Option 2 — 100% Interest-Free Direct Debit Premium Financing

The Direct Debit plan is an interest-free program that allows you to make smaller equal payments over nine months. And because Direct Debit eliminates significant administrative costs, we can pass those savings along to you.

You'll find that your Medical Mutual premium deductions will be easy to track. As with all checking or savings account transactions, your financial institution will note each direct premium debit on your regular monthly statement. Plus, you'll have the security of knowing your premium will be paid in a safe, secure and timely manner each month.

With the direct debit financing option, you'll make the first payment either by check or ACH electronic transaction and each successive premium payment is automatically debited from the checking or savings account you designate. You choose the date of withdrawal that's best for you — the 1st or the 15th of each month. A one-time service charge of $25.00 will be assessed annually with your first payment.

Direct Debit Plan Enrollment

Option 3 — Installment Premium Financing

With installment Premium Financing, you can pay your premiums by check or ACH on a quarterly installment basis. For ACH payments, complete the ACH Authorization Agreement, then submit it to through our secure Message Center or via regular mail. The standard service charge to cover administrative costs is $35 per payment. For each installment you make using the ACH method, you'll receive a $10 credit against that charge, effectively reducing it to $25.

ACH One-time Payment Authorization Agreement

Change your payment method:

Weigh your options and select the plan of your choice.

Payment Plan Change

Send the completed form to through our secure Message Center or via regular mail