Hospital Policy Features

From health systems to critical access hospitals, risks vary

A full array of coverages, limits and options

No matter your scope of services, Medical Mutual offers a full array of coverages, limits and options to handle all of your medical professional liability needs — including excess, as well as innovative slot coverage that insures a position staffed by multiple physicians who benefit from shared protection.

Claims-Made Coverage

Medical Mutual writes all of its professional medical liability insurance coverage on a claims-made basis, which means your hospital will have protection for claims which arise out of covered professional services you provide following your initial effective date (or retroactive date) of coverage. So, any claims filed against the institution today are covered by current policy limits, even though your limits may have been lower at the time of the incident in question.

The typical Medical Mutual claims-made professional liability policy for hospitals includes coverage for:

  • Provision for failure to provide health care services
  • Furnishing of food, beverages, medications or appliances
  • Post-mortem care
  • Lawful activities of a formal accreditation, credentialing and quality Assurance committee
  • Reasonable costs associated with defense of a claim up to $250 per day

rShare risk sharing program: Save with a full range of deductibles and limits

The rShare risk sharing program is designed to provide ultimate flexibility in program design. It allows you to select indemnity-only, expense-only or combined expense and indemnity deductibles starting as low as $5,000 per claim to an upper end in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Larger hospitals and systems can also choose Co-Participation, in which you carry a bigger share of the risk in the event of a claim or claims, but qualify for greater savings on your base premium.

rShare Brochure

Excess Insurance

Should you desire coverage over and above the limits of Medical Mutual’s standard professional liability insurance policy, we offer an extra layer of coverage in the form of umbrella excess insurance. So you get the higher limit(s) you desire to protect against catastrophic cases and judgments.

Unique “slot” coverage saves on costly tails

In a medical jobs market that is evermore fluid, with regular turnover in employed-physician and nursing positions, more and more hospitals are taking advantage of a Medical Mutual option that allows you to insure a “slot” rather than an individual. This eliminates the need to purchase a tail every time a slotted care provider moves on. The obligation to purchase a “tail” arises only when you elect to close the slot altogether.

Physicians Administrative Defense (PAD)

Medical Mutual’s base policy includes PAD coverage for named physicians employed by your hospital specifically related to disciplinary actions brought through the State Board of Licensure. This hospital employed physician PAD coverage represents an added measure of protection for both employed physicians and hospitals because curtailment, suspension or revocation of a physician’s ability to practice can affect the hospital group’s care delivery operations and possibly the reputations of both the physician and the hospital.

General Liability Insurance: Integrated occurrence coverage helps close potential coverage gaps

In a hospital setting, gray areas can exist between professional liability and general liability. Medical Mutual’s integrated general liability coverage helps close any potential gaps created by those gray areas, thereby avoiding the inevitable finger-pointing that could otherwise result from having separate carriers for the two areas of risk.

Medical Mutual writes the general liability portion of your coverage on an occurrence basis. As such, Medical Mutual is responsible for covering those general liability claims made against your institution for incidents that occur while the policy is in force, regardless of when the claim is filed.

Medical Mutual’s general liability insurance for hospitals covers:

  • Bodily injury
  • Property damage
  • Personal injury
  • Medical payments for premises claims up to $5,000
  • Fire legal liability
  • Patient's personal property $1,000 limit/$100 deductible


Premium discounts for Medical Mutual hospital insurance are available. Such discounts are experience-based and contain program and protocol requirements for qualification. Contact your agent or the Medical Mutual Underwriting Department for further information.

Non-Assessable Policy

You cannot be assessed back-charges if prior years’ rates are proven to have been inadequate.