Prevention is
The Best Medicine

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Discover the difference between practicing defensively and standing behind defensible practices.

As a healthcare provider, it's typically not the medical part of the care you provide that leads to claims. It's the operational and procedural details associated with the day-to-day practice of medicine that are most likely to put your patients at risk. At Medical Mutual, our philosophy is that best practices in your everyday operations produce the best patient care – and reducing risks is the natural by-product of those efforts. That's why we've developed the most comprehensive set of risk management tools and programs in the industry, including office practice reviews, discipline-specific system and process reviews, and a robust online library of practice tips.

As is the Medical Mutual way, you're very likely to get to know your dedicated Medical Mutual Risk Manager by name and enjoy a productive working relationship. He or she will become your go-to resource for any and all questions related to risk management in the care environment. You'll have their contact information. So just call or email and you'll get the answers you need.

Never an Extra Fee

You'll be pleased to know that these comprehensive, market-leading risk management services are available on a complimentary basis – all of them, always – as a value-added benefit of your Medical Mutual policy.


Sometimes a situation with risk implications arises and you’re not sure how to address it. Or maybe you just need advice on a systems or procedural issue. That’s when a consultation with one of our risk management professionals can help give you the actionable guidance you need.



No card, no check-out policy, no late fees. We encourage you take advantage of this ever-growing library of practice tips designed to give you practical guidance on risk-related issues.



Medical Mutual’s Risk Managers work collaboratively with policyholders to address the client’s concerns while simultaneously bringing an awareness of industry best practices.


We Protect You with Valuable Risk Management Tools

Take advantage of our practical, comprehensive and complimentary risk management tools.

Cyber Security

Cyber security resources addressing the greatest threats, new attacks, and the top solutions to protect your organization and patients.

Ed Presentations

On site or online, our educational presentations make it convenient to provide your staff with valuable and practical risk management training.


Browse our self-administered checklist tools to help identify risks in your organization.


Partnering with Medical Interactive Community to provide targeted and appealing courses