Risk Assessments

Pinpointing risks that may lead to
potential patient harm

Identifying exposures is the first step toward preventing them.

All too often, patient safety is compromised not because of a medical error, per se, but because of system failures or procedural inadequacies. To proactively identify risks, MMIC provides our insureds with onsite patient safety/risk assessments aimed at identifying risks that may lead to potential patient harm and offer recommendations that will direct the creation of a plan of action. We provide both comprehensive assessments addressing multiple areas of potential risk or focused reviews addressing select areas.

It's important to note that these assessments are for you and your organization's benefit. We are told time and time again by our insureds that our objectivity in assessing their organization is invaluable.

Just call the Risk Management Department toll-free at 800.942.2791, or email us with your patient safety assessment request.