Claims Management

Advantage Medical Mutual

Any similarity between Medical Mutual and other carriers ends should you experience a claim.

Competing insurance policies can appear very similar. Although they use similar terminology, the true coverage you get for your money is often more about the philosophy and attitude of the people inside the company than about any specific policy details. And nothing shines a light on that fact more than experiencing a claim. But don’t take our word for it. See what our clients say about Medical Mutual Claims Management.

Peer review. A peerless advantage.

The most valuable benefit of Medical Mutual’s claims management process is that, when you experience a significant claim, it is evaluated not by business people, who are likely to view the settle vs. defend question as a financial decision, but by a Claims Committee comprised entirely of experienced physicians. They know the care environment, they know the standards of care and, most importantly, as your peers, they understand the value of your reputation. Operating independently of Company management, you can be certain their recommendations are based on the medicine, period. If you’ve met the standard of care, they will recommend that you fight the claim all the way through trial, if that’s what it takes to defend you and your reputation. Among carriers in New England, and perhaps anywhere, it’s an advantage only Medical Mutual offers.

If the Committee deems that a medical error has been made, we believe that paying a fair settlement is the best resolution for all parties involved: the patient, the physician and in the case of an employed provider, the hospital or facility.

With you every step

For every claim, Medical Mutual’s highly experienced Claims Representatives conduct a thorough investigation and work with you every step of the way. Your Claims Representative will keep you informed of any new developments, decisions or other information throughout the claims and legal process. Serving as an advisor and confidant, he or she will attend any related deposition or hearing and provide knowledgeable perspective and reassurance.

And should you — or, in the case of a hospital claim, your employed physician — suffer from the natural stress of being the subject of a claim, your Claims Representative can help you access the Company’s Litigation Support program, a peer-based program that has proven to be an invaluable resource to physicians trying to cope with the emotional strain of litigation.

Rigorous defense and a track record of success

Should a claim get to litigation, you can expect a rigorous defense by experienced trial attorneys who are experts in medical liability litigation. In such instances, where the Claims Committee deemed the medicine met the standard of care, you can also expect Medical Mutual to take your defense to the limit. Which is to say, your claims and legal team will have access to top-flight expert witnesses to testify on your behalf.

It’s no wonder, then, why Medical Mutual has earned a reputation in the industry and among the plaintiff’s bar as a tough, but fair advocate for its insureds. In practice, that translates into a track record that speaks for itself:

  • 80% of claims close with no indemnity paid
  • 90% success rate at trial
  • Early resolution of meritorious claims

It all goes to show that regardless of policy details, it’s the people and relationships you forge with your medical professional liability insurance company that drive the true coverage you receive.  With Medical Mutual, you get both — policy language and options tailored to your needs, plus unusually strong relationships with people who provide the best protection of your assets and reputation.