Must-Have Insurance

Backed by go-to people

Relationships make a difference

If you're a provider in the healthcare industry, you can't operate without medical professional liability insurance. You need it to protect your assets and – at least when you’re working with a true partner – your reputation in the event of a claim. When you're insured with Medical Mutual, that's just the start. Because with Medical Mutual, you'll also enjoy personal relationships with go-to people who take the job of meeting those responsibilities to heart. You'll know how to reach them when you need them, so you'll never be more than a phone call away from the answers you need to make informed decisions on your insurance and the everyday healthcare delivery activities it is designed to cover.

Flexible program design

You'll also enjoy unusual flexibility in designing that coverage, because Medical Mutual offers an array of limits, deductibles and excess insurance choices to tailor your coverage to your needs. Not to mention innovative and unique cost-saving options like slot coverage to protect physicians by insuring a staff position typically subject to higher turnover, as opposed to insuring any individual for that position.

Protecting the medical community in New England community since 1978

Put it all together and it's no wonder why Medical Mutual has, since 1978, earned a stellar reputation in New England for doing exactly what you seek from your medical professional liability insurance provider – protecting your assets and reputation, as a true partner.