A straightforward statement of our beliefs

Our credo

We believe our primary responsibility is to protect the assets, financial integrity and reputations of the physicians, clinicians, hospitals and other healthcare related organizations we insure. We also believe our responsibility extends to the patient communities our member-insureds serve. To those ends, we pledge to provide programs and services designed to enhance patient safety, promote best practices and reduce medical errors.

We are responsible to our employees – the men and women who work to provide these services to our member-insureds. We value each of our employees as individuals and will support their responsibility to their families. We will provide an atmosphere of collaboration, recognition and fair compensation.

Similarly, with our vendors and key business partners, we pledge to foster mutually-beneficial relationships based on trust, respect and the shared goal of serving the best interests of our member-insureds.

Underlying these relationships is a commitment to acting with integrity and carrying out our daily business activities by following the highest ethical standards. In short, we pledge that all our actions will be guided by the foundational principle of doing the right thing.

This principle applies to all decisions related to fiscal and operational management – including rate setting, reserving and dividend declarations – with the goal of ensuring the Company’s long term viability to meet its responsibility to its member-insureds, employees, business partners and the communities in which we operate.