Dividends and
Medical Mutual

An unparalleled track record

Benefiting policyholders in every state the Company serves

As a mutual company, Medical Mutual has the power to declare dividends when surpluses warrant them. And no other medical professional liability carrier in New England can match the extent to which the Company has paid dividends to its member-policyholders over the years. The Company has returned dividends to its policyholders in the form of premium credits in 16 in the last 16 years. Most notably, policyholders in every state the Company serves have benefitted, unlike other carriers, which typically pay dividends only to policyholders in the state in which the company is domiciled. That is, no competitor has ever paid a dividend in Maine, New Hampshire or Vermont.

(A second, "special," dividend was provided in 2020.)

Since its founding in 1978, Medical Mutual has declared dividends 23 times for a total of over $81 million returned to its policyholders. What does your professional medical liability insurance company do with its surpluses?