Litigation Support

It's a personal thing

Empathetic peer support from a physician

If a professional medical liability claim is filed against you – or in the case of a hospital or other facility, an employed physician – the impact can be overwhelming, both personally and professionally. When you factor in the months, if not years, of a legal process over which you have no control, some periods of stress or anxiety are almost inevitable.

We learned long ago that, unaddressed, stress and anxiety can undermine a physician's effectiveness as a witness in their own defense. Over the years many of our physicians have benefited from Medical Mutual's Litigation Support program, which provides personal and empathetic peer support from a physician who has also experienced a claim and volunteers his or her assistance in recognition of the value such support can provide. The goal is to help doctors cope with the strain of litigation and to provide reassurance that they are not in this alone.

In addition, member-insureds of Medical Mutual who have been involved in a claim often comment on the high level of personal support provided by their Medical Mutual Claims Representative. Serving as advisors and confidants, our highly experienced Claims Representatives routinely attend hearings and trials, and provide knowledgeable perspective, information and reassurance.

The bottom line is that whenever a physician policyholder of ours is named in a claim, that physician will enjoy the benefit of our unique support program. Ironically, we hope this is an aspect of professional claims service you will never have to experience.