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Report Verification Stamp

In order to ensure appropriate processing and consistent management of medical information, i.e., test reports and pertinent documents requiring provider review, consider applying a stamp — maybe a variation of the stamp displayed below.


Physician or Provider initial the designated line upon review of the report and insert instructions for the nurse or MA, i.e., follow-up to be scheduled. Nurse or MA documents the follow-up appointment on the stamp. If no follow-up is needed write “NA” on the stamp. Be sure placement of the stamp does not obscure information contained within the report. All writing must be legible; if space does not allow, record follow-up information in a progress note or beside the stamp.

Date _______________ Dr. reviewed _________
Instructions _____________________________
Normal ____________ Call/notify____________
Abnormal__________ Pt aware _____________
Schedule follow-up __ Date ________________
Nurse/MA: acknowledge ___________________
Nurse/MA initial __________________________