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Access to past presentations and handouts are available to policyholders by contacting Andrea Lopez at (207) 775-2791.

This webinar is intended to give policyholders a “peek behind the curtain” to reveal what goes on at the Claims Department of Medical Mutual when an event that is an anticipated or asserted medical malpractice claim is reported, from the initial intake to the final closure. 


  1. Understand what events and information should be reported to your insurer and why.
  2. Learn how your insurer opens a “file” for that reported event and embarks on the defense of the involved insured.
  3. Appreciate the process employed in the valuation of the claim and the development of the indemnity reserve.
  4. Know the reasons claims are settled or tried and the insured’s role in the decision.
  5. Hear how the file is closed on resolution and what reporting is performed as part of that process.
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The evaluation and treatment of patients demonstrating evidence of acute mental illness can be challenging, with health care practitioners called upon to balance the legal rights and interests of patients, their families, and the public at large.

  • We will summarize state laws governing the process of emergency involuntary hospitalization.
  • State laws limiting the rights of potentially-dangerous persons to possess firearms.
  • The intersection of state and federal law in circumstances where providers have to decide whether to involuntarily detain patients or to notify law enforcement authorities of perceived risks.
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Knowing your risks is the first step in addressing them. In addition to processes that lead to patient harm, your practice can also face claims of discrimination, violation of patient rights, noncompliance with Federal regulations or failure to protect employees from harm.

Join us and learn how to identify and reduce these risks in your practice.

This meeting is pending approval for a total of 1.0 contact hours of Continuing Education Credit toward fulfillment of the requirements of ASHRM designations of FASHRM (Fellow) and DFASHRM (Distinguished Fellow) and towards CPHRM renewal.

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