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Temporary Professional Staffing

Liability risks may be increased when there is a variation from normal staffing processes through the use of temporary professional staff. The decision to utilize temporary professional staff should be supported by the following risk management strategies:

  • Establish policies and procedures governing the decision-making processes involved with temporary professional staffing use.
  • Assign responsibility for oversight of the temporary professional staffing processes.
  • Review professional liability policies of your healthcare organization to determine the extent of insurance coverage for contracting with temporary staffing agencies and the utilization of temporary professional staff.
  • Review the agency contract for their provision of professional liability, professional risk management oversight, and their ability to provide the required professional staff with appropriate licensure, credentials, and demonstrated competence as defined by the site of the assignment, e.g., OB or ICU.
  • Maintain documentation of competence at the site of the assignment.
  • Determine that the temporary professional staff member has the licensure, credentials, skills, and personal aptitude to function in the vacant position. Document these efforts.
  • Credential, orient, supervise, and evaluate the temporary professional staff member according to your healthcare organization's policy.
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